Paying it forward

nancy arroyo ruffin


I have been blessed with so many wonderful and positive things in my life and for me, the best way to show gratitude for my blessings is by paying it forward.  That’s exactly what I’m doing, but I can’t do it alone. That’s why I am reaching out to each of you in the hopes that you will partner with me and help me raise funds for Christ the King Elementary School in the Bronx. You can donate as much or little as you want. Every dollar counts. To learn more about what I am trying to do please read below or visit the campaign website:

I have recently partnered with a local school in the Bronx (Christ the King Elementary School on 169th and Grand Concourse) to work with their 4th grade class on a book project. During a class exercise, a friend of ours who volunteers at the school, shared…

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This Moment

Tell me what will you take with you when you perish?
Your 401k? Your IRA?
Tu casita with it’s white picket fence?
The latest model car you owe two months for?
Or maybe the two jobs you killed yourself for in order to pay your funeral
Bottom line none of this will fit in your casket
Nor burn along side you at the crematorium
All you have is now, this moment
Detach yourself and live