In Truth?.

How can one know

The difference

Reality blurred

Lines covered.

I have seemed

To lose myself

In rubbles of


I can easily

Blame you/them

Identify as

Victim or anti

Hero, human.

Where passion

Eludes me

Sun no longer felt;

Not burning

Words hurting

More than ever

Ripping synapses

Before reaching thought.

I am clouded

Sleep and dream


There is the pain

Left behind

Which beckons to be



And only this

Is true.


Many words left unsaid

How I wished to have had the courage to say

Choosing between the “right way”

The “best way”

Only lead to knots in my throat

So I’ll scream it out loud

Now that I am no longer heard

Basking in the beyond or in the middle

Peering up or down

I proclaim with vigor in my veins

You were the ever in everything

And with baited breath I professed



This silence wells my eyes
Inside the screaming
Never subsides
I wish to explain it all away
This, to be that, and so on
But birthing a thing
Gives light to its adverse
Oh… what shall I do
When my chest hurts in naivety
These bones cry with realities
As I stand painted smiles on the outside
The foundation crumbles
The fables no longer holding weight
The safety of childish years
Eradicates my joy
We push, and toil onwards
To where? Destinations darkness
I try desperately to remember before this time
To no avail
And once there, will I recall here?
In this I shall also fail … I presume
But, what if I want out of this enclosure ?
A break in its wall
Watch it all fall
Would it bring me the wonder of it all?
Ah… so many questions
As the one who holds the answers
Lays dormant and watches
As the silence and I become one in the same

In The Beginning


Your breath birthed life into the ashes of me
While the stars shined down annunaki
Tablets carved in Sumerian lands
Carried out of caves by Moses hands
We braved floods on wooden arks
While the fires of Kukulkan barked
Atabey sat in meditations
Siddhartha bathed in her libations
From Elegbas jicaras
And Shivas palms
I took a ride in Ezekiels wheel
Master Fard did reveal
Yahs ultimate plan
The holes in Isas hand
And in Shaytans deceptions
Yacubs grafted creations
17 million plus 2 million in North American total
Dancing to tamobores y coro
The tower brought confusion
In my soul divine wisdom
As above so below
I offer salat and Ochosis arrow and bow
A burning bush and a voice over Damascus
A warrior, shepherd, and pacifist
Young lord and Albizu
Rumi, Watts, Elijah, y Sankara, too
Hecho con todo amor y guerrilla
God of war, mixed con alegria
As such am I from the beginning
Rocket ship to nebula as I sing
Tocando bata a Eggun
A mi Papa, te veo… soon
AseO ✊🏼

#Poetry #ELPoeta

Celebrate You

Celebrate You

I wish to
celebrate you
Every accomplishment
And each failure
Elevate your spirit
Especially in the missteps
And stumbles
I wish to
Never see any fault in you
And not reserve judgements
Perceive only pure virtue
And intent in your ways
Go into prayer for you
Boast to the creator
Of all you’ve endured
I can assure
It hasn’t gone unnoticed
All the wins
And loses
A ceremony and all
Is what I ultimately wish for

Hallway Light

Not sure what’s forgiveness

The moth attracted to light

Or streams to quench my soul

Holding on to final breaths

Scared, of the inevitable

Tingling on finger tips

I recall your eyes

Lord, are we worthy ?

Scrambling for a spot like butterflies

Tired of the fight

But know nothing more

Let me have a glimpse

Just stay, if you’re sure

That salvation is found

In the flickering down the hall

Last Night

Last Night

You entered my dreams
Warm, vivid like
And I touched your hand
Softly, tender like
Your eyes were alive
Bursting in hue, life like
Caught in the moment
We laughed, child like
I shed a tear
Surreal, mournful like
For I knew it’s end
Over, fin like
Last night


Would it make things easier

For you?…

If I told you that I’m hurting


That demons torture me


I think it’s best to continue playing


Better for you and your tears to envision


So I’ll bask in my own hell in order to soothe


Asking every second, when will it end

To myself…

As I build you up, lying to you


How splendid it all is, don’t you see?

I can’t …

When no one hears my cries…

Tell me!

Just to keep smiling beloved keep…

Smiling…. crookedly

Loved Me

Loved Me

I won’t apologize

Being the thief of a heart

Like leaves

Changing color in the winters

I was only reaching

Into something

I didn’t understand

But I wanted

What was you

Inside though

I always knew

You’d never be mine

And I’m forever guilty

Of this crime

In your mind

So with lifetimes apart

You’ll always hate me

For loving me

And I won’t apologize


I know what pain looks like

I know the tears that come from bloodshed

I know the heartache of loving and losing

I know the scratches that show up from bended knees at pulpits

I know the dark marks that are seen on prostrated foreheads

I know the scars that are carried by paleros

I know the blood trickle from the heads of santeros

I know vaguely the tranquil state of monks

I know sadly the wickedness of man

I know… which is why I hurt


©Axel Garcia