I have searched for you

In the darkness of my soul

Feeding it’s hue words and ritual

Movements memorized

Til the hurt in my bones 

Was no more

Pronunciations perfected

So that my very tongue 

Won’t lie on that sacred day

Witnesses are the winds, and trees

As to all that I proclaim 

I awaken

Within this dream

Once more 

Hoping I’d travelled over 

To you

So much that the “Good” in morning

Ceased to be

And acceptance is, all there is 

My knees no longer can withstand

The weight of proving 

Of hoping

And believing 

I have only breath


This is my testimony 

Being illuminated in the illusive 

Where inhalation 

Closes my eyes

And exhalation loosens 

The burden 

I am surely lost

And in you