PRIDA’s Book Club | Puerto Rican Institute for the Development of the Arts

Truly honored to be featured on Pridas book club section.



Where would I possibly go

If in this very moment

Your blessing abounds 

Whether in the tallest building 

Or nestled in my sheets 

Swimming in the ocean 

Or seated on the shore 

There is truly nothing 

But your love 

Beyond all the scents

And the abundance of colors 

That surround me

I kneel before your beauty 

And I am home 


Do not think of me keenly 

I do promise thee

That I will fail you 

And leave tears where Love reigned 

This admiration you feel

Is merely illusion 

Only the Heavenly Father 

Deserves this praise

I am just a man 

Try as might 

To forget this reality

I am fallen

But loved by his creator 

I can only ask forgiveness of thee

For my foolish ways 

Words and actions 

I pray you know 

This love in my heart 

That grows with his every word 

Because it is there 

That you will know me



Tell me

You’ll pray with me

That God will be first in all we do

And when you see me on my knees

Thankful in tears 

That you’ll join beside me

Bow your head as I do 

Whisper sweet nothings 

In my creators ears

Where it becomes everything 

And from there

Our love can blossom 

With the promise of today


What was 

washed away

As his hands touch ours 

This will be our courting season 

Not Netflix and chill 

But Scripture and prayers 

Tell me this is you

And every mistake before you

Shall be erased 

Tell me 


There is no religion

Words and dogmas will always fall short 

Books can be burned


Used for selfish gain

Rituals designed by he who holds authority 

Only disguise your lack of knowledge 

No need to chant incessant sounds

Nor prostrate into various forms

Repeating syllables over and over won’t do

Even music falls short 

I can sing forever 

And dance in place

All this just a work out of the body

Can bleed out animal after animal 

On hand made idols 

Babble language, speak in tongues 

It all fails 

Before the one who gave it all 

Neither Church walls

Nor Mosque floors 

Monk postures 

Will suffice 

All that we can build crumbles 

All that we own isn’t ours 

When 10 out of 10 people die 

There’s only one escape 

One promise

Of which none other can make 

No other dogma can assure 

I will put my trust in him

Who gave to me and didn’t demand in return

For he loves me so 

Let all those around me depart 

Let them think me crazy 

Talk about me behind my back

It never stopped you before

I have hope in him 

When the darkness of life beckons you

Where will your hope be in?

Who will be your advocate?

I now have mine

For I stand redeemed in his blood 

Full Circle

I found a space 

Between the in and out

Restriction holding no obligation 

Where I could finally lay my anguish

There and only there I’m to know 

Rest once more 

Evading Mara 

The tempter iblis 

The armies of destitution 

I shall recover what was lost 

Coming full circle 

Facing myself 

Clutching dark 

To discover light 

Discerning this moment from that juncture 

Setting free it’s cause and effect 

And finding deliverance 

Breaking the stronghold 

Of disillusion 

I will form a treaty 

Within Ego and heaven 

It is there that I will treasure me 


Separate from all I know and knew 

In between every breath

I found a space