Show Me

While I’m alive 

Don’t bother with flowers at my grave 

Nor sing a song of brotherhood 

To my memory 

When I’m long and gone

Rejoice in today 

When I’m still here 

Tomorrow can be so unkind 

Think of me dead now

And relish in finding me breathing 

Throw your arms

Around me 

And embrace me like found gold 

For the eternal sleep 

Beckons with ruthless abandon 

Raise your cups 

And salute what we hold this minute 

Do not waste another second 

Tell me

You do love me

Before the words fall on deaf ears 

And the sound of my voice is no more 

Show me

In Memory

 I often dream about you

Reimagined pictures of us

Where it all turns out fine

And what we held 

Didn’t become hate 

I can almost feel

The texture of your hands

Upon mine

Growing old throughout the years 

How we would’ve proven

The world wrong about our love 

But oh 

This bitter reality 

How it always renders my passion wrong 

And proves itself right again and again 

I still snatch a moment or two

Away from its potent grip 

In memory of us

In memory of you 

Since You

My heart is yours

It has no use without you around anymore 

Please take it

These eyes are for you

As I do not wish to see anything but thee

Nothing else matters

I am just a void now


Shallow breaths barely filling my lungs

Air has no use

And only prolongs my being 

I sleep awaiting forever

Only to open eyes

To brighter sunlight 

I do not seek to darken the sky

For it still illuminates your world 

Wherever that may be

Be it the next town 

Or a million miles from me 

Take my sense of touch away

I have no purpose but to remember 

That feel of your skin 

I am comforted with this knowledge

Sacrifice what’s left of me 

To dirt or ash 

Coffin or urn 

Washed away in waters deep

Or flames to burn 

Let them preserve a locket

For you to carry

Or throw away 

There is nothing 

Since you