In The Beginning


Your breath birthed life into the ashes of me
While the stars shined down annunaki
Tablets carved in Sumerian lands
Carried out of caves by Moses hands
We braved floods on wooden arks
While the fires of Kukulkan barked
Atabey sat in meditations
Siddhartha bathed in her libations
From Elegbas jicaras
And Shivas palms
I took a ride in Ezekiels wheel
Master Fard did reveal
Yahs ultimate plan
The holes in Isas hand
And in Shaytans deceptions
Yacubs grafted creations
17 million plus 2 million in North American total
Dancing to tamobores y coro
The tower brought confusion
In my soul divine wisdom
As above so below
I offer salat and Ochosis arrow and bow
A burning bush and a voice over Damascus
A warrior, shepherd, and pacifist
Young lord and Albizu
Rumi, Watts, Elijah, y Sankara, too
Hecho con todo amor y guerrilla
God of war, mixed con alegria
As such am I from the beginning
Rocket ship to nebula as I sing
Tocando bata a Eggun
A mi Papa, te veo… soon
AseO ✊🏼

#Poetry #ELPoeta

My Testimony 

Today I confess, because it’s weighing on my heart. I’ve lived a life of sin, blind to how it affected those around me. Selfishly divulging in this worlds pitfalls. I followed false doctrines, false leaders who glorified Ego and not God. Arrogance controlled my ways, knowledge calloused my thoughts, and anger ruled over so much of me. I detached myself from loved ones, made people who loved me cry with hurt. I’ve used words to belittle, to cause tears. I searched for reasons and excuses in the teachings of man to cover up my errors. I’ve lied, I’ve used Gods name in vain. I worshiped creation and not its creator. I fell empty on my knees and wished for death over and over. And I’m here to tell you God is real, and his love redeemed my sins even before I committed them. What a love this is! He came down as man to walk among us, and left us his Holy Spirit to guide us. Jesus I am not worthy, but in his eyes I was, am and will forever be! I now know that every wall, every tear, every heartbreak was brining me closer to you. How foolish I was thinking and believing I could handle it all. There’s power and truth in your name, in your promise to us, in your sacrifice for us! Whatever may come I am ready, in your most holy and precious name! I believe! I trust! I thank you! Amen!