Jesters Throne

Hours I spent Waiting on you to love me in return

To give a sign of peace

To let me know all was good

I scratched out a part of my heart

To give to you

If only you had the time

To accept it

But I understand

I wasn’t top on your list


Don’t get priority 

But I sure did play that role well

Didn’t I…

I remember the anticipation 

Of just your call

I only wanted to hear 

That you would renounce the world

For me

Yet I sat alone 

On the jesters throne 

Where I learned that a house does not make a home

But tomorrow does announce itself

To the hiders of emotion

Where what we cover 

Forces it’s way to the light


I await today’s end. 

copyright ©Axel Garcia


I wish to touch you again 

But fear this damage we’ve done

I love enough

To relinquish tarnishing you

And pray you grow as you should

For to pick a rose from the ground

Only ends its life

I shall cease doing so

May waters from another’s heaven 

Bring you growth

And nurture your petals 

And soils on which you stand

Build foundation in your world

I walk away with your scent

Memories of your texture 

On my fingers

The ones that you let go of

I will forever understand 

The act of letting go

And with these words

My final goodbye 

The Disciple

Lamentable how I idolized you

Sort of worship your ways

Wanted to emulate speech patterns 

So bad, I’d forget the sound of my voice

Words you spewed became laws

And I enforced them defiantly on myself

Til scars became stronger than flesh

I detested my reality

Cause yours was truth… Wasn’t it?…

Wouldn’t chew until you sat and ate

No need to say grace in your presence

God couldn’t hold a candle next to you

And Satan trembled at the mention of your name

I became a disciple 

Renouncing self

Removing attachment and possession

Sun rising and setting for you

I was foolishly happy

Lost but found 

Where others would try to stifle your actions

I’d brush it off with zeal

For the epitome of beauty and truth you were

Weren’t you?

I crawled like believers in Tibet

To reach your throne

Only to be dispatched away

Leaving me like most that follow 

And hold faith 

Crumpled in submission

I claimed me

Absent from your tyranny 

I regenerated self 

The instrument of perception guided 

And I danced in its example 

Where eyes opened

And acceptance ensued 

Though alone I finally felt repose.

copyright ©Axel Garcia