For You

Should I love 

That which you allow of me?

As if you ever truly had this control

To encapsulate such an emotion;

Revolution in its truest form

I am free to chose

Be it behind a curtain

Or the walls we built around it

From afar

Or to touch your lips

I will love you

Yes this is what I will do

And frolic in its liberation

Even if it’s only in my head

Hug you

Make love to you

Smile in the embrace of our bodies

Inhale the aroma of us

Yes this is what I will do

I will love you

The Fall

Oh how this fall wind

Reminds me of you

Cold and pungent with dew

Veiled by passing clouds

You conceal what is to be

And keep me foolishly guessing 

Thawing away morning chills

With afternoon warmth

Only to descend to record lows

With the setting of the sun