Full Circle

I found a space 

Between the in and out

Restriction holding no obligation 

Where I could finally lay my anguish

There and only there I’m to know 

Rest once more 

Evading Mara 

The tempter iblis 

The armies of destitution 

I shall recover what was lost 

Coming full circle 

Facing myself 

Clutching dark 

To discover light 

Discerning this moment from that juncture 

Setting free it’s cause and effect 

And finding deliverance 

Breaking the stronghold 

Of disillusion 

I will form a treaty 

Within Ego and heaven 

It is there that I will treasure me 


Separate from all I know and knew 

In between every breath

I found a space 


A poem from my new book, and very fitting for what’s going on…. For all you so called “Revolutionists”! 

Viva la revolucion ! 

But only after the hours of 9 to 5 

Down with the corrupt Crooked politicians 

Just don’t touch my Chase bank account 

Kill the unrighteous The Sinners and the vile Um, because my sin is different .. Yeah 

God is with me As I sin all week and go to church every other Sunday 

The world should follow the works of God 

Yet I can’t recite a verse myself… Yeah… 

And El jefe at my job He’s the worst, an idiota But can you please approve my vacation days boss…. Mighty obliged sir… 

Amerikkka are hypocrites! I hate this land!!!! As I put a down payment of 30% for my new house in Babylon NY Cause you know The blanquitos there take care of there shit… Yeah they hate me though… Pero you know… Blah blah… 

My Island should rise up and fight for its independence!!!! Que viva Puerto Rico!!!! Yeah…. But I’ll sit in my back yard Sipping iced tea Watching Los Mets y Los Yankees 

I’ll have my fist raised high though… Best believe that! I’ll even place the flag on my Chevy…. For a few weeks only of course Don’t want O’Hara To give me another ticket Pero yeah! 

Viva la………………… la…………………
copyright ©Axel Garcia