Missing You

I will admit, I’m missing you

Funny how we see the good and tend to forget the bad when loneliness beckons 
The more I hate you
The more imbedded you are In me
Oh how the heart refuses to release the connection
The bitter pill of reality while you seek refuge in another arms
Why wasn’t I enough?
So many questions left unanswered 
I pray to the universe to cut the ties between you and I
In hopes to be able to breathe again
Goodbye…. My love 

You will always be…

I may not be perfect, but I certainly am real. I’ve made my mistakes, I’ve hurt people along the way, mostly have hurt myself with my choices. But all I can do is get back up, brush myself off and keep moving. All praise due to the almighty, as long as I have breath in my lungs I am blessed. With that Mi Gente, I will forgive those who have wronged me and I will forgive myself. Pa’lante! 

Real Talk

Master Isa (Jesus) said once, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” I laugh when I see so many act like they’re clean when you have five baby mothers, cheating on wives and husbands, dead beat fathers who haven’t taken care of their own kids. Liars that truly believe their own BS, ego centric a**holes that think people like them, while in reality you’re hated. Stop hiding behind the veil and be accountable! Set yourself free from the pile of lies that way you down! #realtalk 

Eden in Misery

There’s this darkened cloud above your words

This empty shadow that lurks behind your promise
Your lips gravitate into smirks as you whisper in my ear
Oh darling, I hear the poison rising in your tongue
The muscle tense in the strikers attack pose you know well
Pouncing on innocent lovers
Devouring with reckless abandon
I still want to hold you
Let me taste my blood off your mouth
As we both savor what’s left of me
Rain falls whisk me away
To drown in that lake 
Where once I held you
And where once I knew Eden in misery