Non Profit Org

Proud to announce the filing of my Non Profit Organization under 501(c)(3) with the state of NY. Mission is to help the less fortunate in every way possible. By any means. Once all goes through will make it possible for anyone to donate and all donations will be tax deductible. Stay tuned. 

She Told Me

She told me I was too clever for my own good

That my seductive words couldn’t thaw the ice that built around her heart

You see this just made me want to try harder

Cause I was never one to quit so easily 

Hard to get wasn’t an option here

And a savior surely wasn’t what she needed

She was looking for that man

You know the ones she was promised in childhood tales

Valiant and chivalrous

Old fashioned yet modern in his ways

One with insight enough to see royalty

When he gazed upon her

She was an entire empire

Rolled up into feminine 

Pumped up my adrenaline

To set forth my efforts more vigilantly

Till finally she paused and said

 With the shrug of her shoulder

“We’ll see”…. 

Left me smiling as she walked away from me
copyright ©Axel Garcia

When I Die

I want the clouds to cry for days on end

Where visions of Noah come to mind

And Paul laments my sufferings on Earth

I want Solomon to await conversations on it all

Pausing as Ables blood whispers in my ear

As the watchers guide me towards Cain

So that he can explain death in all its gore 

Maybe Adam will change up his animal garments 

The ones Eve sewed for him so lovingly 

I want to bring forth tablets to inscribe 

Along with Moses

Gaze at the golden calf being worshipped 

While Jesus ascends 

And Lucifer tugs at his robe 

I’ll take pictures alongside them all

And pray they make it on social media 

As proof that Muhammad is indeed familia 

As they meditate with Siddhartha

And dance with Shango

Pay tolls to Eleggua 

For safe passage

Where I cast Opuele with Orunmilla 

Yes let the heavens cry to disguise the elation

Of true elevation 

When I die   
copyright ©Axel Garcia


I stood filthy yet clean 

Thinking water could erase

Rags shining like suits

Oh how I skillfully clothed my sin

Disgust painted over with a smile

I played the game in haste

Pride burying self

Leaving remnants of what has been

I now seek that which is true

With vigor and zeal

Guilty as I am before you

On my knees I do plead

As I give up this world

And all its appeal

I surrender all to you

Trusting forevermore in your lead

 copyright ©Axel Garcia

New Year 

Another year has come and gone, they seem to fly by the older you become. It’s definitely time to look in the mirror and reflect on what has been and what’s to come. Have you grown spiritually? Emotionally? Growth can never be measured on the size of your bank account or worldly possessions. I urge you to make things right with the man above, remember tomorrow is never promised. 2016 here we come by the grace of God!