I wish my emotions to sit still like Siddhartha 

Under the bodi tree
Unwavering amidst storms and temptation 
Let my heart rest assured in what you bring
Undaunted with barely a blinking of my eyes
Not a doubt would enter into my thoughts
Emptying past hurt and failures
Breathing becoming life
I would touch the foundation of us
To serve as witness
To the disbelievers as there would be many
As I arise from my transfixed state
Let me walk this Earth with a new found ministry
And when my bones have become brittle 
I’d close my chakras with the last vision of you
Oh let me sit still like the enlightened ones
Having savored the nirvana of you  

The Formula

What could I say

That would turn your eyes from looking for another?
If there was one word, or a slew of verses
Tell me, what would they be
I would venture back to the tower of babel 
And plead the creator to give me the formula
To stop this confusion between us
My love
We just don’t understand 
Like we’ve been programmed 
To resist for the sake of resistance 
On my knees I beg to know
If I recite the sacred word
Would you turn back to me
If I serenade you with muse more pleasing than the call to prayer
Would you run to my arms 
I pray for the right vibration of sound
To spring forth from my lips
As to entice you to follow its formation
Tell me
What could I say…

I Made A Wish

I wish we had happily ever after

That there was no need for getting up and going to a job
That what we held was suffice to feed our bellies
And pay the bills 
The ones that strangle the oxygen out of our kisses
I wish we had time to just hold hands
And that nightfall didn’t close my eyes
That deprivation of sleep was replaced with the energy of our chemical combustion
I so wish in the fairy tale
That one day children would read about this love
And memorize the lines we spoke to each other
That statues were erected to honor us
And millions would begin a pilgrimage to it 
I made a wish my dear…
copyright ©Axel Garcia