I have planted you

In every place I’ve gone 

In hopes you blossom 

Be it in another’s earth 

To have held you close 

A memory for lifetimes to come 

Fill up every void 

Defining love and loss 

Birth and death 

Blurring lines in its disobedience 

Lawless in action 

Wanton spirit to explain 

How we did hold the sun and moon 

When our embrace created breath 

I still inhale you 

Envious the rose became 


All the same 

Buried you in the air I breathe 

This is how I’ve set you apart 



I can smile

And know

That yes there was a moment 

When our hands binded as one

And the fragrance of breeze 

Made fantasy actual 

There wasn’t any need 

For sustenance as food 

As we existed from loves nectar

It was there 

I vowed protector 

And as it were 

Through the years 

Emptied from such duty 

Only did a shell remain  

And what was love

Withered in dust 

It is said 

It’s better to have loved 

Than to never have loved before 

I evoke curses upon 

The barer of such a scourge 

That with its departure 

Left remnants of a heart