Maybe So

Maybe So

You say that the love of the father is not in me

I’ll shrug and say… it maybe so

That I’m taken by the world and all that’s in it

I’ll think for a moment and say… it maybe so

And that I’ve must’ve never been saved or blessed

I’ll look down and say… it maybe so

That I’m a lie, a walking contradiction

I’ll smirk and say… it maybe so

You’ll give up on me, and say I’m lost

That I don’t have a clue

That I know nothing and hold nothing

I’ll smile and say

Now you get it

Jesters Throne

Hours I spent Waiting on you to love me in return

To give a sign of peace

To let me know all was good

I scratched out a part of my heart

To give to you

If only you had the time

To accept it

But I understand

I wasn’t top on your list


Don’t get priority 

But I sure did play that role well

Didn’t I…

I remember the anticipation 

Of just your call

I only wanted to hear 

That you would renounce the world

For me

Yet I sat alone 

On the jesters throne 

Where I learned that a house does not make a home

But tomorrow does announce itself

To the hiders of emotion

Where what we cover 

Forces it’s way to the light


I await today’s end. 

copyright ©Axel Garcia

You will always be…

I may not be perfect, but I certainly am real. I’ve made my mistakes, I’ve hurt people along the way, mostly have hurt myself with my choices. But all I can do is get back up, brush myself off and keep moving. All praise due to the almighty, as long as I have breath in my lungs I am blessed. With that Mi Gente, I will forgive those who have wronged me and I will forgive myself. Pa’lante!