Every Second 

A kaleidoscope of memories 

Sprints across my eyes

Realizing all that was

Each and every moment 

Living and dying all at once 

The essence of right now 

Surfaces so clearly 

As I remember 

What seems to be yesterday 

There is nothing to grasp 

There is simply 

The letting go 

Being present 

As every second dances away from me 

Yet paints a beautiful memory 

Let the sky become a canvas 

Your breath a song 

And create it with blissful ness 

As I close my eyes 

And I am grateful

New Year 

Another year has come and gone, they seem to fly by the older you become. It’s definitely time to look in the mirror and reflect on what has been and what’s to come. Have you grown spiritually? Emotionally? Growth can never be measured on the size of your bank account or worldly possessions. I urge you to make things right with the man above, remember tomorrow is never promised. 2016 here we come by the grace of God! 

I Pray For You

I pray for you, I do
As I let you go
For these chains built around my wrists squeezed so hard that it became veins
The ones that pumped life into its dysfunction
To the point of consumption
I gasped for air when I pulled you off
Umbilical like you clung for life
And I fed its survival
Til the blood that trickled down my fists blended with the flush on my face
How I pray to erase the memory
The sickening punch in my gut
That hunches my back forward
I still pray for you, I do
That the madness subsides in your mental
Think of what we had as experimental
And scientifically give theory
To others who entertain your thoughts
Drag my name through dirts not yet walked on
And leave footprints on them to recall your steps
Because this road you’ve travelled many times
And shall again… And again
Still I pray for you, I do
No need to delve in the voodoo
No animals to bleed on my altar
I was the sacrifice
I bore your punishment
Crucified I still pray for you, I do
That you may find a semblance of peace…
Not just a piece, the way you seek
Maybe I’ll pray for him
The one who falls victim
To your every whim
I pray for you… I do….

copyright ©Axel Garcia