This silence wells my eyes
Inside the screaming
Never subsides
I wish to explain it all away
This, to be that, and so on
But birthing a thing
Gives light to its adverse
Oh… what shall I do
When my chest hurts in naivety
These bones cry with realities
As I stand painted smiles on the outside
The foundation crumbles
The fables no longer holding weight
The safety of childish years
Eradicates my joy
We push, and toil onwards
To where? Destinations darkness
I try desperately to remember before this time
To no avail
And once there, will I recall here?
In this I shall also fail … I presume
But, what if I want out of this enclosure ?
A break in its wall
Watch it all fall
Would it bring me the wonder of it all?
Ah… so many questions
As the one who holds the answers
Lays dormant and watches
As the silence and I become one in the same

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