I won’t write you another letter
Nor think of your face

I’ll scrub away the scent of you

Off of me

I’ll replace you with another 

Take her out to dinner

Romance her in ways divine 

I’ll even smile, laugh at her jokes

And have a drink or two 

Just like you used to do…

And tell myself 

That I’m over you

That the strands of our connection

Are now broken

And the universe

Listened to my cries

Of wanting you out of my soul

I’ll hit the gym

Sweat like there’s no tomorrow

And ache something awful the next day

And as I lay there in pain

I’ll say…

Doesn’t it feel great to move on?

Doesn’t the air feel lighter

Away from your gravity

Isn’t it quieter?

I’m surely at peace…

I’ll stare at my mirror

Who knows me so well

And reflects the liar 

I’ve become…

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