She Told Me

She told me I was too clever for my own good

That my seductive words couldn’t thaw the ice that built around her heart

You see this just made me want to try harder

Cause I was never one to quit so easily 

Hard to get wasn’t an option here

And a savior surely wasn’t what she needed

She was looking for that man

You know the ones she was promised in childhood tales

Valiant and chivalrous

Old fashioned yet modern in his ways

One with insight enough to see royalty

When he gazed upon her

She was an entire empire

Rolled up into feminine 

Pumped up my adrenaline

To set forth my efforts more vigilantly

Till finally she paused and said

 With the shrug of her shoulder

“We’ll see”…. 

Left me smiling as she walked away from me
copyright ©Axel Garcia

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