Since You

My heart is yours

It has no use without you around anymore 

Please take it

These eyes are for you

As I do not wish to see anything but thee

Nothing else matters

I am just a void now


Shallow breaths barely filling my lungs

Air has no use

And only prolongs my being 

I sleep awaiting forever

Only to open eyes

To brighter sunlight 

I do not seek to darken the sky

For it still illuminates your world 

Wherever that may be

Be it the next town 

Or a million miles from me 

Take my sense of touch away

I have no purpose but to remember 

That feel of your skin 

I am comforted with this knowledge

Sacrifice what’s left of me 

To dirt or ash 

Coffin or urn 

Washed away in waters deep

Or flames to burn 

Let them preserve a locket

For you to carry

Or throw away 

There is nothing 

Since you 

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