Dare you ask

How to describe love

Like asking about the taste of water 

Or the scent of a thousand rose beds 

It can only be experienced 

With all its suffering 


It’s end

And zeal

Do not ask me of its meaning 

I only

Want to know more 


Upon My Soul

Let a thousand past lovers

Point me to you beloved 

Bring me fulfillment 

With your whispering touch 

Having thought I had known 

The sweetness of caress 

Oh let me smile

In wonder now 

with each of your affections

Upon my soul 


A poem from my new book, and very fitting for what’s going on…. For all you so called “Revolutionists”! 

Viva la revolucion ! 

But only after the hours of 9 to 5 

Down with the corrupt Crooked politicians 

Just don’t touch my Chase bank account 

Kill the unrighteous The Sinners and the vile Um, because my sin is different .. Yeah 

God is with me As I sin all week and go to church every other Sunday 

The world should follow the works of God 

Yet I can’t recite a verse myself… Yeah… 

And El jefe at my job He’s the worst, an idiota But can you please approve my vacation days boss…. Mighty obliged sir… 

Amerikkka are hypocrites! I hate this land!!!! As I put a down payment of 30% for my new house in Babylon NY Cause you know The blanquitos there take care of there shit… Yeah they hate me though… Pero you know… Blah blah… 

My Island should rise up and fight for its independence!!!! Que viva Puerto Rico!!!! Yeah…. But I’ll sit in my back yard Sipping iced tea Watching Los Mets y Los Yankees 

I’ll have my fist raised high though… Best believe that! I’ll even place the flag on my Chevy…. For a few weeks only of course Don’t want O’Hara To give me another ticket Pero yeah! 

Viva la………………… la…………………
copyright ©Axel Garcia

In Memory

 I often dream about you

Reimagined pictures of us

Where it all turns out fine

And what we held 

Didn’t become hate 

I can almost feel

The texture of your hands

Upon mine

Growing old throughout the years 

How we would’ve proven

The world wrong about our love 

But oh 

This bitter reality 

How it always renders my passion wrong 

And proves itself right again and again 

I still snatch a moment or two

Away from its potent grip 

In memory of us

In memory of you