I sit here

Reveling in the aftermath

Of what I am capable of

Transcending love 

Into purest of hate

I realize

You are correct

I am to blame

Curse me with fervor

Wish for my destruction 

And downfall 

I am ready

For it all 

Arms wide

I embrace the fault

That is I


To myself

I do not deserve


Nor hate

It is much too good for me

Squirm away

Like the witnessing 

Of rodents passing

I only wish

To leave this realm

I surrender 

I wave the flag

I don’t want to cry anymore

I don’t want to know

The pain of loves betrayal

I don’t seek to venture

Down disappointment lane

Those tears you cry

Aren’t worth my lament

Let me shrivel away

Til dust is no more

And even the Almighty

Can not breathe life into 

The sands that filled me 

Empty I came

And want to return   

The Fall

Oh how this fall wind

Reminds me of you

Cold and pungent with dew

Veiled by passing clouds

You conceal what is to be

And keep me foolishly guessing 

Thawing away morning chills

With afternoon warmth

Only to descend to record lows

With the setting of the sun