My Testimony 

Today I confess, because it’s weighing on my heart. I’ve lived a life of sin, blind to how it affected those around me. Selfishly divulging in this worlds pitfalls. I followed false doctrines, false leaders who glorified Ego and not God. Arrogance controlled my ways, knowledge calloused my thoughts, and anger ruled over so much of me. I detached myself from loved ones, made people who loved me cry with hurt. I’ve used words to belittle, to cause tears. I searched for reasons and excuses in the teachings of man to cover up my errors. I’ve lied, I’ve used Gods name in vain. I worshiped creation and not its creator. I fell empty on my knees and wished for death over and over. And I’m here to tell you God is real, and his love redeemed my sins even before I committed them. What a love this is! He came down as man to walk among us, and left us his Holy Spirit to guide us. Jesus I am not worthy, but in his eyes I was, am and will forever be! I now know that every wall, every tear, every heartbreak was brining me closer to you. How foolish I was thinking and believing I could handle it all. There’s power and truth in your name, in your promise to us, in your sacrifice for us! Whatever may come I am ready, in your most holy and precious name! I believe! I trust! I thank you! Amen! 

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