Here I Am

In between each breath

There in that space… I am

See me in

That moment before ink touches paper

… I exist

Where sleep wins over

Tired eyelids

In the letting go…. I’m already there

Feel my words

When the flakes of snow

Are just about to caress the ground

… There I shall abound

I promise to never part

Even after goodbyes


Every Second 

A kaleidoscope of memories 

Sprints across my eyes

Realizing all that was

Each and every moment 

Living and dying all at once 

The essence of right now 

Surfaces so clearly 

As I remember 

What seems to be yesterday 

There is nothing to grasp 

There is simply 

The letting go 

Being present 

As every second dances away from me 

Yet paints a beautiful memory 

Let the sky become a canvas 

Your breath a song 

And create it with blissful ness 

As I close my eyes 

And I am grateful


Tell me

You’ll pray with me

That God will be first in all we do

And when you see me on my knees

Thankful in tears 

That you’ll join beside me

Bow your head as I do 

Whisper sweet nothings 

In my creators ears

Where it becomes everything 

And from there

Our love can blossom 

With the promise of today


What was 

washed away

As his hands touch ours 

This will be our courting season 

Not Netflix and chill 

But Scripture and prayers 

Tell me this is you

And every mistake before you

Shall be erased 

Tell me 

Eden in Misery

There’s this darkened cloud above your words

This empty shadow that lurks behind your promise
Your lips gravitate into smirks as you whisper in my ear
Oh darling, I hear the poison rising in your tongue
The muscle tense in the strikers attack pose you know well
Pouncing on innocent lovers
Devouring with reckless abandon
I still want to hold you
Let me taste my blood off your mouth
As we both savor what’s left of me
Rain falls whisk me away
To drown in that lake 
Where once I held you
And where once I knew Eden in misery

Downtown Train

Downtown Train
For hours I have anticipated catching you
Looking up departure times online
I find myself drifting with the hopes of where you will take me
I know our ride always ends quick
Far too fast for me to savor the movements we partake of
Stop after stop flies by like a blur
Leaving imprints behind
Your doors shut abruptly over and over
As if you were a scorned lover
Light and dark track your shadows constantly
In and out of tunnels we go
Bridges we cross and wave goodbye
I don’t dare drown you out with earphones filled with music
The roaring of your motions plays like a melody in my ears
How perfect this affair we carry
Where screeching and passionate collide
You bring me to my stop with furious precision
Cold like you slam shut the doors to your warmth inside
And time after time I find myself standing out in the cold
Surprised to feel sad and satisfied at the same time
I watch you run from me
To the next destination
How you remind me of my past lovers
My downtown train…

copyright ©Axel Garcia