Downtown Train

Downtown Train
For hours I have anticipated catching you
Looking up departure times online
I find myself drifting with the hopes of where you will take me
I know our ride always ends quick
Far too fast for me to savor the movements we partake of
Stop after stop flies by like a blur
Leaving imprints behind
Your doors shut abruptly over and over
As if you were a scorned lover
Light and dark track your shadows constantly
In and out of tunnels we go
Bridges we cross and wave goodbye
I don’t dare drown you out with earphones filled with music
The roaring of your motions plays like a melody in my ears
How perfect this affair we carry
Where screeching and passionate collide
You bring me to my stop with furious precision
Cold like you slam shut the doors to your warmth inside
And time after time I find myself standing out in the cold
Surprised to feel sad and satisfied at the same time
I watch you run from me
To the next destination
How you remind me of my past lovers
My downtown train…

copyright ©Axel Garcia

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