Maybe So

Maybe So

You say that the love of the father is not in me

I’ll shrug and say… it maybe so

That I’m taken by the world and all that’s in it

I’ll think for a moment and say… it maybe so

And that I’ve must’ve never been saved or blessed

I’ll look down and say… it maybe so

That I’m a lie, a walking contradiction

I’ll smirk and say… it maybe so

You’ll give up on me, and say I’m lost

That I don’t have a clue

That I know nothing and hold nothing

I’ll smile and say

Now you get it


Tell me beloved

What is a field of roses

When you are the very garden

From which it breathes ?

All can perceive

That our father

Whispered a secret in your ears;

Golden Words

only you can decipher

Oh where does such magic

Derive from, dearest one?

All would come

If you’d divulge

What you’ve hidden from the world

Tell me beloved

Of this emerald you possess

Tell me

To My Children When I am Gone

To My Children when I am gone

A cloud once spoke to me

As it cried down on the Earth

I had forgotten my fathers promise 

By the tree of forever 

A foolish child sadly remembers 

The wisdom a father tried to impart 

When the tops of redwoods 

Bristle his breath on me 

May you not follow my folly 

You are him

I see it in your laughter and smile 

Hidden behind such bravado 

Don’t hide from me

Or the world 

Let a million ancestors rejoice

In your accomplishments beloved 

And remember my voice 

In the autumn winds of tomorrow 

The hue of my pupils 

In the skies of winter 

Where tears will well up around your eyes 

And the wish of my presence 

Is never more 

Remember I love you  

Show Me

While I’m alive 

Don’t bother with flowers at my grave 

Nor sing a song of brotherhood 

To my memory 

When I’m long and gone

Rejoice in today 

When I’m still here 

Tomorrow can be so unkind 

Think of me dead now

And relish in finding me breathing 

Throw your arms

Around me 

And embrace me like found gold 

For the eternal sleep 

Beckons with ruthless abandon 

Raise your cups 

And salute what we hold this minute 

Do not waste another second 

Tell me

You do love me

Before the words fall on deaf ears 

And the sound of my voice is no more 

Show me

She Told Me

She told me I was too clever for my own good

That my seductive words couldn’t thaw the ice that built around her heart

You see this just made me want to try harder

Cause I was never one to quit so easily 

Hard to get wasn’t an option here

And a savior surely wasn’t what she needed

She was looking for that man

You know the ones she was promised in childhood tales

Valiant and chivalrous

Old fashioned yet modern in his ways

One with insight enough to see royalty

When he gazed upon her

She was an entire empire

Rolled up into feminine 

Pumped up my adrenaline

To set forth my efforts more vigilantly

Till finally she paused and said

 With the shrug of her shoulder

“We’ll see”…. 

Left me smiling as she walked away from me
copyright ©Axel Garcia

Jesters Throne

Hours I spent Waiting on you to love me in return

To give a sign of peace

To let me know all was good

I scratched out a part of my heart

To give to you

If only you had the time

To accept it

But I understand

I wasn’t top on your list


Don’t get priority 

But I sure did play that role well

Didn’t I…

I remember the anticipation 

Of just your call

I only wanted to hear 

That you would renounce the world

For me

Yet I sat alone 

On the jesters throne 

Where I learned that a house does not make a home

But tomorrow does announce itself

To the hiders of emotion

Where what we cover 

Forces it’s way to the light


I await today’s end. 

copyright ©Axel Garcia