Censor Me

Do not censor me

For My tongue won’t lie on the day of judgement 

No matter your persecution 

I entered this realm alone

And shall return the same

The lashings on my back from your torment

Will heal into a beautiful design

A lifeline to my future seeds

Who will call upon in need 

My fist will still rise up

Even with shoulder crushed 

And a cross bearing it’s nails

It will be the ones who came before

Who will lift me

And mount my soul on its throne 

And with open cowry shells speak letters 

Defining the past present and what’s to come 

Life burning like a mystical dragon

Through the spirit of my spirit 

No don’t you dare stop my indigenous teachings  

Do not try to subdue me 

With a false idol that fits your controlling ways

Docile for too long

I fight back with an embraced truth

No don’t you dare censor me


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