Tell me

You’ll pray with me

That God will be first in all we do

And when you see me on my knees

Thankful in tears 

That you’ll join beside me

Bow your head as I do 

Whisper sweet nothings 

In my creators ears

Where it becomes everything 

And from there

Our love can blossom 

With the promise of today


What was 

washed away

As his hands touch ours 

This will be our courting season 

Not Netflix and chill 

But Scripture and prayers 

Tell me this is you

And every mistake before you

Shall be erased 

Tell me 


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There is no religion

Words and dogmas will always fall short 

Books can be burned


Used for selfish gain

Rituals designed by he who holds authority 

Only disguise your lack of knowledge 

No need to chant incessant sounds

Nor prostrate into various forms

Repeating syllables over and over won’t do

Even music falls short 

I can sing forever 

And dance in place

All this just a work out of the body

Can bleed out animal after animal 

On hand made idols 

Babble language, speak in tongues 

It all fails 

Before the one who gave it all 

Neither Church walls

Nor Mosque floors 

Monk postures 

Will suffice 

All that we can build crumbles 

All that we own isn’t ours 

When 10 out of 10 people die 

There’s only one escape 

One promise

Of which none other can make 

No other dogma can assure 

I will put my trust in him

Who gave to me and didn’t demand in return

For he loves me so 

Let all those around me depart 

Let them think me crazy 

Talk about me behind my back

It never stopped you before

I have hope in him 

When the darkness of life beckons you

Where will your hope be in?

Who will be your advocate?

I now have mine

For I stand redeemed in his blood 

Full Circle

I found a space 

Between the in and out

Restriction holding no obligation 

Where I could finally lay my anguish

There and only there I’m to know 

Rest once more 

Evading Mara 

The tempter iblis 

The armies of destitution 

I shall recover what was lost 

Coming full circle 

Facing myself 

Clutching dark 

To discover light 

Discerning this moment from that juncture 

Setting free it’s cause and effect 

And finding deliverance 

Breaking the stronghold 

Of disillusion 

I will form a treaty 

Within Ego and heaven 

It is there that I will treasure me 


Separate from all I know and knew 

In between every breath

I found a space 

Show Me

While I’m alive 

Don’t bother with flowers at my grave 

Nor sing a song of brotherhood 

To my memory 

When I’m long and gone

Rejoice in today 

When I’m still here 

Tomorrow can be so unkind 

Think of me dead now

And relish in finding me breathing 

Throw your arms

Around me 

And embrace me like found gold 

For the eternal sleep 

Beckons with ruthless abandon 

Raise your cups 

And salute what we hold this minute 

Do not waste another second 

Tell me

You do love me

Before the words fall on deaf ears 

And the sound of my voice is no more 

Show me

Since You

My heart is yours

It has no use without you around anymore 

Please take it

These eyes are for you

As I do not wish to see anything but thee

Nothing else matters

I am just a void now


Shallow breaths barely filling my lungs

Air has no use

And only prolongs my being 

I sleep awaiting forever

Only to open eyes

To brighter sunlight 

I do not seek to darken the sky

For it still illuminates your world 

Wherever that may be

Be it the next town 

Or a million miles from me 

Take my sense of touch away

I have no purpose but to remember 

That feel of your skin 

I am comforted with this knowledge

Sacrifice what’s left of me 

To dirt or ash 

Coffin or urn 

Washed away in waters deep

Or flames to burn 

Let them preserve a locket

For you to carry

Or throw away 

There is nothing 

Since you 

Not Enough

I’ve never fit in

My spot never chosen

Not Spanish enough to move my hips easily 

Nor American enough to step on others to rise

Too militant 

Yet not suffered enough to raise fists 

Not white enough even when rocking to Metal

Roots not African enough to proclaim ancestry

My DNA is as scattered as my thoughts

Ask me who I am

I’ll say one thing and disagree with myself 

Neither this nor the other 

Not Muslim enough to Habibi 

Not Christian enough to feel the Holy Spirit 

Not Taino enough to darken my skin 

Not animal enough to kill

Not human enough to care 

Not covered enough in tattoos

Not paid enough to afford my bills

Not educated enough to be allowed formulated opinions

You leave me boxed in

Cornered as a hunted beast 

Who every now and then reacts 


And blamed for doing so

Don’t even want to step outside

Not worthy enough to walk

Shouldn’t even write

Not accepted enough to be cool with the click

I stand just on the cusp 

Peaking my head in ever so often 

Shouldn’t be alive 

Not worthy of breath 

Someone else needs it more

Don’t want to see anymore 

Vision I’d give to the blind immediately 

I could say I’ve lost my way

If there was ever one to be lost 

So I’ll remain

Until I fade from memory 

And be just a whisper to some